New CQI Plan for FY 17-18

NTF’s annual Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Plan is our GPS. It’s a navigational tool that guides our quality process: where we’re going, how we’ll get there, how we’ll know when we’re there, and how we might have made the trip better.

Please make the journey with your colleagues. NTF has a big bus that can seat us all. We all have the responsibility to look for smarter and better ways to perform our work. Help the driver and your fellow passengers by becoming involved. Read the plan, discuss it with your supervisor or others in team meetings, participate in your program’s local CQI meetings, and take part in the satisfaction survey process when the time comes.  

If you have ideas for improvement, remember that NTF has a link on EmpNet to submit suggestions. Or you may contact Gaye James, Vice President of CQI and Training ( 
Let’s make this year’s road trip the best ever!